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So, with all the recent festivals taking place, I thought it best to write you a short Festival Survival Guide, most of which if taken from my own personal experiences.

 The Tent

This is the most important item of all and therefore, makes it to the top of my list. It’s always useful to take a tent one-man size larger than the number of people within it. This extra space will really come in handy as us girls do not travel light. It’s also a good idea to distinguish your tent from the hundreds of others with a flag or windsock. Believe me, there is nothing worse than the awkward moment when you enter someone else’s tent; Oh wait – yes there is – when they walk in on you! You will probably want to bring something to sleep on as you’re going to need that beauty sleep; a roll-up futon or inflatable mattress will do.

Photo: The Guardian


Unfortunately, there will always be thefts from tents during a festival. Just try to avoid leaving valuable items near the door while you sleep – leave it out of reach and hidden. Also, while you leave your tent for the day, take everything of value with you. For extra security while you sleep, and while your temporary tent is unoccupied, you could bring a padlock.

… Hygiene

This is the part of the festival that I dread. Baby wipes are a festival saviour! I can guarantee that you’re probably not going to smell your best by the time Monday comes around and I’m afraid there aren’t many ways to prevent this. However, you can keep the germs at bay. It’s a wise idea to take hand sanitizer with you. Dry shampoo and gel can help tremendously.

Photo: PA

You’re Wardrobe

Festivals are the perfect excuse for a stylish shopping spree but, although you may not want to think about it, you do have to think practically. Take clothing that you can layer and can swap between hot, cold and wet weather with ease. Click Here to see stylish and suitable clothing for your Festival Wardrobe.

It’s also a good idea to take a hat, sunglasses, anorak and those much-needed Wellington boots.

I would sincerely recommend taking a bikini for the rare opportunity of taking a shower.

Photo: Freida Sofia


Our adored beauty regimes will certainly prove a challenge at a festival; scrambling around a tent, trying to cleanse, tone and moisturise isn’t the easiest of tasks. Luckily, there are some brilliant products that work wonders to correct the effects of those late nights and busy days. No7 4 in 1 wipes are perfect. They cleanse, tone and moisturise all at once. Guerlain’s Midnight Secret late night recovery treatment will work wonders to see you waking with a natural and healthy glow.

Hair and Makeup

A hat will become your new best friend in an instant!

With your makeup, keep it as natural as possible. Not only will this lighten your load add to the festival chic look. You only really need something to cover the dark circles, lift you colour and brighten your eyes. For the nights out, a lick of mascara will be fine.

 Bag Musts

Sun Equipment: A Hat and Sunscreen are essential. Lip Balm will also come in handy. Sunglasses are a must! The type of glasses that you decided to bring will depend on how much of a hangover you want to hide and whether or not you trust yourself with a pair of expensive shades at a festival.

Toiletries and a towel, along with a toothbrush and toothpaste. I always pack some chewing gum/mints too.

Tissues and Toilet Roll!

Hair Brush, Hair Bands and a Mirror – we can’t do without!

A Medical Kit,

Paracetamol 😉

Kitchen Equipment; Consider taking a knife, fork, spoon, plastic bowl and cup (I always prefer to use my own).

A Torch; Being able to see where you are walking and what you are walking is always an advantage…

Money and I.D Card – keep these on you at all times.

Mobile Phone and Charger,

Planning Your Days

I’ve always found, and am told time and time again, that it’s best to not restrict yourself to a tight schedule of acts you’d like to see as it’ll probably ruin your festival experience. The funniest stories and memorable moments are those that happen by chance.

Photo: PassportDiary

I hope this helps and if you’re off to a festival this summer, or have been recently, and have some tips please feel free to comment and let us know.


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