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Houston we have a problem!”


In a few weeks I am attending the wedding of a close friend and I reckon it’s a good excuse for a new pair of heels, don’t you?

I need an elegant and feminine pair of gold coloured heels but I’m spoilt for choice; I need your tasteful opinions!

First in the line up are these sassy pair from Christian Louboutin. They do have the feminine look I am aiming for.

This pair from DUNE caught my eye straight away. I’m now thinking the glitter is a bit OTT. However, it’s guaranteed that I’ll sparkle on that dreaded dance floor!

Third in the running are these strappy numbers from Jimmy Choo. VERY gorgeous but VERY pricey.

I think this is a good time to reveal my Jimmy Choo obsession as this pair are, again, from the label. These are also glittery but seem more sophisticated than the other pair.

Last but not least, are a pair of strappy Office heels – a good high street buy.

So, you’ve seen the contestants – which ones?

Hannah-Mae ox


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