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We all know the path to perfecting that figure takes time, with continuous dieting and exercise. I’ve put together a few slimming fashions and tips to cut that tedious journey short.

The colour black is your new best friend. Dark colours are slimming because they hide the visible shape of the body; any unattractive shadows disappear into the dark material. 

Wearing all one colour, on both the bottom and the top, will make you look a lot taller as you’re creating one long line of colour for the eye.

To draw away the attention from the hips and thighs, try wearing a long coat with large lapels. This is a perfect style for the colder months as the oversized coat is a popular fashion trend for the seasons; See Here.


Lanvin Fall/Winter 2011


I only found out recently that asymmetrical looks, like a slanted skirt or angle top, work wonder in making you appear slimmer. It’s worth a try.


Emma Watson and model in Bottega Veneta Fall 2011


High heels also give the appearance of length and make all the difference to your posture. If you want to hide this cheat, throw on a long pair of boot-cut jeans – very cute!

Thin vertical stripes give the illusion of length and therefore, help you to look thinner. Small, delicate prints can also work in your favour.


Alexander Berardi Fall 2011


And last but not least, keep an eye on your posture. Pull your stomach in, push your chest out and hold your shoulders straight with your head held high. Something this simple can make a big difference.


I will add to this page as time goes on and I discover new secrets 😀


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