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With the Carnival Season drawing upon us, the thought inspired me to scour the web for the weirdest, wackiest and craziest designs that fashion has given us throughout the years.

Hold on to your seats because you’re in for a very surreal ride!

Strangely, and don’t ask me why, I actually quite like this design. Although, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be very practical… This picture is taken from Brazil Fashion Week, 2010.

This dress is a creation from Hussein Chalayan, known for his bizarre fashions. This outfit was seen on the queen of wacky fashion – The one and only Lady Gaga.

Scary, much?! This is a creation from Undercover’s Jun Takahashi.

This one looks as though it was inspired by the Jellyfish.

Is anyone else very, very confused?

This creation looks as if it jumped straight out of Alice in Wonderland! It was thought up by designer Gareth Pughs.

Anyone else feeling peckish?

Before you ask – it’s a shoe… I think.

I think this I strangely beautiful…


So, in all honesty, would you ever wear any of these designs? 

If you answer no: say you had to, which one would it be?


Photo Credits: LuciolePress, VinitaGulersen, Style.Com, MightyLists, Masala, Revolucija, TheWorldOfWinkiSmashingLists, DeClubz,

Of course, I couldn’t go through this kind of post without mentioning the woman renowned for her crazy fashions throughout the music industry: the wonderful Lady GaGa!

Photos: Elle.com

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