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 The Summer Dress

You can team your beloved summer dress with thick woollen tights or leggings. You can keep the ballet pumps or invest in a tasteful pair of boots to toughen up the look. With a bold and block coloured dress, black tights and a black tailored blazer will look stylish and sophisticated. If it’s a floral printed dress, try a cute cardigan and scarf. You could always wear thigh high socks for a youthful, chic look.

Dark accents and accessories will make the whole look feel more wintery.

The Shorts

Don’t even think about packing those cute shorts away. These can easily be turned into a casual winter outfit. Mix the look up and wear them with knitted woollen tights one day and tribal printed tights the other. A thick messy scarf and jacket will look gorgeous.

The Tops

All you really need to do with those short sleeves is to pair them with a jacket or cardigan. A blazer will add sophistication, or a thick knitted cardi will look cute and casual. Investing in a lovely fitted coat will instantaneously bring you into the colder months with style.

Do you remember that crisp white shirt that you would tuck into those high-waist shorts? Well, a tailored blazer and high-waist jeans will look flawlessly fashionable while keeping you warm at the same time.


The key to transforming your wardrobe is layering and accessories; coats, cardigans, tights, leggings, scarves and hats.

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