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With Halloween just passed and the spooky spirit still in tact, I think it’s time for another makeup tutorial to achieve a great going-out look.

I chose to dress as a cat for this year’s celebrations, as did about twenty other people at the parties, I realised the high demand and searched the web for celebrities who pull off this look the best. And of course, I found the beautiful Rihanna.

Photo: TheStyleAndBeautyDoctor.com

    • Using a brush or a sponge applicator, start by applying a neutral shade of eye shadow onto the lid of your eye.
    • Apply a highlight colour under your eyebrows. This will enlarge the eye area, adding volume, and will ease the blending of the darker contour to come.
    • With a pointed sponge applicator, apply a deeper brown, it’s up to you how dark you go and whether you will use a shimmery, metallic powder or not. Apply the colour in the crease of your eyelids. Half closing your eyes will allow you to do this with ease.
    • Now you can move onto the black eye liner. You’ll need to start by outlining your eye contour with a soft black eye pencil or kohl, all the way around, and thicken the line when drawing above your upper lashes.
    • Take the lines past the outer corner and flick it upwards to make your eyes appear longer. A miniature flick in the inner corner of the eyes can really make the look.
    • You can then use a medium round brush to blend all the colours together on the upper eyelid; and then with a flat brush do the same on your lower.
    • Repeat the contour colour application as many times as needed to make Rihanna’s deep and shocking shade.
    • Finally, outline the inside contour of your eyes with the eye pencil or kohl. A few coats of thickening mascara will finish the look.

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

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