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Astrology has always been a part of my life. Ever since I was a little girl, I would skip to the end of my mother’s fashion magazines and read my horoscope. It’s always fascinated me how realistic they can be, and they’re always there for me to turn to for a little inspiration when faced with the many dilemmas that life has to offer.

I was born at the beginning of September, under the wing of the planet Mercury, a Virgoan. The first word that comes to mind, for many, when thinking of a Virgo is perfectionist – the same word used to describe me throughout my life; used by numerous teachers, family members, friends and work colleagues. And I far from disagree.

Everything I do has to look perfect, and I have to go that extra mile. This is reflected in my style. I never walk out the door looking anything but fashionable; right down to the rings on my fingers, each individual strand of hair out of the ponytail, and the way my laces are tied. A bit extreme? Yes, you’re probably right. But that’s me 😀

Virgos are also associated with being shy and introverted. I recently lost my voice for a few days and one of my close friends didn’t hesitate to say it was ‘the best thing that’s happened since sliced bread’. (Thanks Dan)! I’m not saying that I’m the most outgoing girl in the world, as I know when to keep my mouth closed, but I love to have a laugh and if I want to say something, within reason, then I will. I guess this can be linked closely to the way I dress. I don’t go over the top, and if I’m going to stand out it’ll be for the right reasons. If there’s a trend then I’ll wear it to the max. But if I need to go subtle, then subtle I will go. Like my voice, my fashion will fit with the environment I’m in.

The element coupled with the Virgo zodiac is that of Earth. ‘Earth signs are naturally practical and base their life on what is real, not what is imagined’. To some extent, this is true. I live my life with my feet literally glued on the ground. I must admit, that I tend to run away with my head rather than my heart. Whether this is a good thing or not, I am yet to discover.

What’s your star sign and what does it say about you?

 The description of my zodiac sign came from; http://www.huffingtonpost.com/horoscopes/astrology/virgo/about

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