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I’ve just become aware that there are only twelve days left in the year of 2011. And boy, has this year gone by quickly! ‘A blink, a blog post and poof – it’s nearly 2012!’ It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? 2011 has been a very eventful year for Paint It Lace and me. I became aware of my passionate interest in the world of fashion, and voilà! Paint It Lace was established in July, and flourished instantaneously.

And so, I bring to you a review of my favourite posts and the 2011 journey;


Vogue’s ‘Best Dressed of the Week’ and The Jewel Tone Trend

This was the first ever post for Paint It Lace. As a girl who will not and cannot miss her monthly copy of Vogue Magazine, is it any wonder that I took inspiration from those beautiful glossy pages? I will never forget the first time I clicked that ‘publish’ button; I never looked back. This post was also my first review of the year’s popular trends. 

Emma Watson; THE Style Icon

It’ll come as no surprise to followers of Paint It Lace that I take an awful lot of inspiration from the gorgeous Emma Watson, and she features often in my posts. I spent a lot of time, putting my admiration into words and sharing with you ‘Emma’s sophisticated personal style, sprinkled with innocence, and her ability to take one and all’s breath away…’

Words of Vanity

I wanted to incorporate literature and the arts into Paint It Lace along with the fashion and style side of things. Ever since I picked up The Picture of Dorian Gray, the one and only novel of the magnificent Oscar Wilde, I haven’t been able to put it down. The book sits loyally at my bed side with its spin ripped and torn from continuous reading. I think this is a wonderful and inspiring read and I just had to share it! 

The Traveller

This post has to be one of my very favourite. I had such fun writing it. I love scanning the web to share with you the best buys, and tips to sport the latest trends. 

A Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Festival Season

I love to help and aid people, and I received so many thank you messages from writing this post. We girlies need to stick together! 😉

 ‘Perfect Is Almost Good Enough’

This post was inspired by the community of Independent Fashion Bloggers, and helped me to explore my star sign and my own personality. These guys really helped Paint It Lace find its feet.

Get Emma’s Stunning Smoky Eye Effect

Another Emma Watson post.. This was my first makeup tutorial. This is a very popular trend, and can be worn day or night. I received a few photos from people who had followed these instructions and given the smoky eye effect a go – and I have to say you all looked stunning!

Best Dressed from the Red Carpet; MTV Video Awards

This is my favourite post from all the red carpet events I have reported on. If there is an entertainment event taking place I always make sure to bring to you the best of the dressed! I always enjoy sifting through the photographs and choosing my favourites. And I love to hear who you would award best dressed. I always try to take a positive approach to my posts (we don’t have time for negativity).


I just want to thank every single one of you for visiting Paint It Lace, and for your comments and advice. I hope you’ll come on another amazing journey through 2012 with me (:


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