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Happy Birthday Louboutin! Christian Louboutin has recently revealed a new collect to celebrate his 20th anniversary in fashion, inspired by his work over the past 20 years.

“In France, 20 years defines a generation. This is a celebration of the first generation of this brand; an anniversary of its first young adventure.”

“Each style included in this special collection is rich with history, full of life and carries with it a unique story of creation and inspiration,” a statement by the brand read. “These styles are moments in the life and evolution of a designer, the women who covet these objects of desire and the flourishing brand which is instantly recognisable by its unmistakable red soles. The innovation and imagination behind Louboutin’s mesmerising shoes and his utter devotion to women have impressed an influential mark on the world of design and have established him as one of the world’s most visionary and important shoemakers.”

Take a look at a few of the pieces below;



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