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At the age of sixteen Lesley Hornby became the first ever internationally known supermodel; of course, we know her as Twiggy Lawson. In the mid sixties Twiggy’s signature thin frame, gigantic, painted eyes and pouted lips dominated fashion magazines and became an icon of mod fashion; even today, she is still classed as the face of the sixties.

Recreate the look:

  • To begin apply concealer and powder where needed to create a pale, flawless canvas. Tip: Lightly brush some powder underneath your eyes as this will make it easier to brush away any stray eyeshadow.
  • Fill in your eyebrows with a pencil or a powder. This should preferably be two or three shades light than your brow. Try to keep within the brows themselves; if needed you can go below the brow but not above.
  • Apply a highlight colour of eyeshadow just underneath your eyebrows. This will enlarge the eye area, adding volume and add to the desired effect. You can also lightly brush a pearly white or light neutral shade of shadow over your eyelid to reduce darkness. Also highlight the inside corner of each eye with a white powder to enhance and enlarge the eyes.
  • With a pointed sponge applicator, or small eyeliner, apply a dark brown or black shadow just above the natural crease of your eyes. Tip: powder works best. Be sure to smudge the line so it is not solid.
  • This is the tricky part; to create Twiggy’s signature spidery eyes you will need a trusted liquid eyeliner. Tip: You may want a damp Q-tip at hand to quickly erase any mistakes.
  • Start at the outer edge of your eye and gradually thin the line out as you come to the corner of your eye. Make sure to keep as close to your lash line as possible. Extend the eyeliner out on both sides to form ‘wings’ that should meet the eyeshadow crease line.
  • For the lashes, you can either apply a set of false lashes, or brush on coat after coat of a good lengthening mascara. Tip: Try blinking on a tissue between coats to avoid clumping. The false lashes should be long and thick, and follow the information on the back of the packet to apply them correctly depending on what brand. Tip: Tweezers can help to hold the lashes in place or press them to your eye to avoid a mess with the glue. Make sure to place them as close as you can to your natural lash line.
  • Twiggy paints on her lower lashes to exaggerate and dramatize her eyes. To create the authentic look you should paint them on with liquid eyeliner. You can use false eyelashes or mascara instead if you would like a more subtle look. Start from the outer edge, evenly spacing about eight dots close to your eye (the first should be underneath the ‘wing’ at your outer edge). Using the dots as your guide, start each line from these points, making it thicker at the top and thinning out at the end. A thin pointed liner will work best.
  • For the finishing touches you can brush on a light coat of mascara to blend in your natural lashes with the false ones if needed. A light peach coloured blusher, and a pearl pale shade can be applied to your lips.

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